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Teach Students how to Learn: Metacognition
Explains how to get students up the Blooms Taxonomy pyramid. The tools include previewing, question generating, paraphrasing and assimilating reading as you go, simulate time constraints,focused study sets with review. There is an intervention method discussed as well. Saundra McGuire
November 17, 2016
Keywords: student success;metacognition;study;taxanomy;Blooms

Jobs Hard to Fill with Alabama Students;Need Soft Skills
For Alabama employers to hire Alabama students, they need to develop those initial impressions skills that happen in interview. Those include interview, dress, interpersonal skills. They also need ability to apply math to real life. Trisha Powell
October 19, 2016
Keywords: employability;soft skills;technical skills

The Three Hats of a Leader
Lisa Prior
October 1, 2016
Keywords: Instructor growth

The Three Hats of Leader
Leaders of today are expected to lead (inspire) as well as produce (do) and manage(think and direct). They are expected to be versatile and balanced in there approach. Lisa Prior
October 1, 2016
Keywords: Instructor Growth

White House poster child for beating the odds, then dropped out of college.
Much of the success is college is dictated by how much support a student receives. Many students may receive this support at home and through their social circles, while many have neither of these sources to draw from. This puts an enormous responsibility on faculty to do that which others say is too difficult. Anthony Mendez
May 31, 2016
Keywords: student success;

4-Part Plan Seeks to Fix Mathematics Education
The author discusses for areas to fix Math Education. They include: Make math relevant, experiment in the classroom, rethink graduate education for education as well as research, and work the national system. Dan Berritt
April 15, 2016
Keywords: Math; Math education;

First Class Day - People Before Paper
You never get a chance to make that first impression again. Before the syllabus, what can you do to make the first day engaging, personable, and begin the trust relationship with your students. Steve Piscitelli
April 24, 2015
Keywords: Instruction;engage;exoectation;accountability

Learning, Teaching, and College Completion
Executive Summary The national college completion agenda has focused funders, communities, and government on community colleges and the goal to double the number of students who complete, with marketplace value, a certificate or an associate degree, or who transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree in the next two decades. Achievement of this completion agenda requires: • A systematic transformation of community colleges to create a new seamless and integrated system that begins in high school or at points where adults enter the community college pipeline and extends to college completion. • A commitment to support staff development and engage adjunct faculty because every community college employee facilitates learning and moving students towards completion. • A program of study with “instructional program coherence” that includes general education and liberal education, in addition to career training, to provide students the common core knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful. Terry O'Banion
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Keywords: completion;certificate;associatiate;learning

Brookings Poverty Introduction
"Scholars on both the left and the right are also increasingly worried that children growing up today in lower-income families have fewer social supports and pathways into the middle class than in past generations." They grow in homes that are unstable and therefore struggle learning long term gratification. 2 parent vs 1 parent is discussed as well as other relevant causes and effects Brookings Institute
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Keywords: poverty;social;parent

Winning War on Poverty Demands Radical Centrism
The article regarding a conservative and liberal study accepts three general truths that often derail debate before it begins: Able-bodied adults should work, two committed parents are better than one, and schools must do more to prepare students for careers. In each of those areas, the group managed to reach consensus on policy." The article discusses each with detail. Blumberg View
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Keywords: poverty;social;parent;career

Common Core
Article regarding the necessity of a common set of knowledge to provide disadvantaged students with the same background information as advantage. This background information is necessary for reading comprehension and analysis. Mark Bauerlein
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Keywords: student success;learning outcomes

Paradox Power
Contradiction can be used to integrate opposites to feed both sides. This occurs in education in 4 learner centered contradictions. Douglas Robertson
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Helping Students Change
Thinking, reasoning, and communication skills must be emphasized and well as first hand learning with direction and discussion. Uses ARII for activities. Authentic Relevant Interesting Important
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Helping Students Make a Good Living and Lead a Good Life
The concept of liberal education with technical skills to develop the ability to think and develop skills for earning a good living is explored Terry O'Banion
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Defending Liberal Education:The Essential Questions
The essential questions and reasons to continue a Liberal Arts Education are to develop the following areas of a students life. Personal Development Economic Development Civic Development Cultural Development Social Development Terry O'Banion
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Keywords: critical thinking

Small Teaching: Lessons for Faculty from the Science of Learning
Classroom learning is divided into four parts: 1. Before class begins: tickler to bring focus to class. 2. The opening minutes: Retrieval practice rather than review 3. Mid-Class Connections: have students connect course materials with students' prior knowledge or lives 4. The Final minutes: The minute paper: what is the most important learned, what question remains. James M. Lang
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Keywords: student success;classroom;strategies

The Learning Centered College
The suthor discusses the need to switch from a teaching paradigm to a learning paradigm: 1. use cross disciplinary co-ops 2. provide learning that is more than lecture 3. judge on aggregate learning growth William J. Flynn
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Keywords: Effective Teaching;

What We Can Learn from Finland
Author discussed presentation by Dr. Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educator and policy guru, who presented at UAB. Finland has less emphasis on testing and test based accountability and more emphasis on creativity and child based activity. Their system is one of the best in the world. Sheil Remington
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10 Signs an Employee is Promotable
Checklist for the characteristics exhibited by employees ready to move up in a corporation.
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