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Thirty Million Word Gap
A child from a high-income family will experience 30 million more words within the first four years of life than a child from a low-income family. The article published on the Rice University Center website for Education also points out the differences in how children are reinforced in different socioeconomic homes even though they are loved at all socioeconomic stages. Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley
July 16, 2015
Keywords: socioeconomic;welfare;words;pre-school;preschool;parent;parenting

Pathways of support lead to student success
13 high impact practices for student support: 1. Orientation, 2. Fast track for developmental, 3. Freshman activities, 4. Student success course, 5. learning communities, 6. Goal setting, 7. Experience learning, 8. Tutoring, 9. Supplemental scheduled instruction, 10. Proper placement, 11. Registration prior to class start, 12. Attendance, and 13. Intervention for the struggling. Daily Staff
September 18, 2014
Keywords: student success; Effective teaching;

Kansas college presidents developing reverse transfer process
Kansas is added to the states that allow students who are shy of a 4 year degree to have those credits go to associate degree. States with policies allowing or requiring reverse transfer procedures as of June 2014 include: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. Bill Wilson
June 19, 2014
Keywords: education;degree;certification;credentials

A Caring Professor
Mr. Carlson posits that a caring instructor is highly correlated to success and a meaningful life. He raises the question, "why spend money for a place-based education when you can get 120 credits from home?" From where is the extra value value? Scott Carlson
May 16, 2014
Keywords: Student success; Effective teaching; instructor growth;student care

Caring Professor Statistics
Contains supporting statistics for related article.
May 16, 2014
Keywords: Student success; Effective teaching; instructor growth;student care

Students with Associate Degrees Are More Likely to Earn Baccalaureates
April 23, 2014
Keywords: Graduation rate;Earning potential

12 Strategies for Academic Success
The authors summarizes 12 tips for students: 1. Know instructor's expectations, 2. Make a study plan, 3. Coach Yourself, 4. Pay attention to detail, 5. Take a break, 6. Vary Schedule, 7. Estimate time, 8.Different skills for different courses, 9. Study earlier, 10. Complete work early, 11. Treat school like job, and 12. Commit. Tami Strang
April 22, 2014
Keywords: student success; Effective teaching

Colleges Seek to Improve Remedial Programs
Discusses ways to improve the remedial program experience by: self paced programs, boot camp remediation and taking both at same time to save financial aid. The goals are to get to credit courses sooner. Kimberly Heffing
April 15, 2014
Keywords: student success;graduation rate

The New Reality: Rising Demand for Technical Workers
There is a technical skills gap. Companies will need an estimated 10 million skilled workers by 2020. That's factory workers, bricklayers, welders and so on. These are $50k plus a year jobs that do not require 4 year degree. Matthew McClellan
February 14, 2014
Keywords: skilled workers;blue collar;technical;technical workers;

10 Ways to Motivate Your Students
The article describes the 10 best ways for for student motivation: 1)Speak students' language, 2)Motivated instructor, 3)teach own plan, 4) positive participation feedback, 5) Link effort to achievement, 6)Use gradual learning curve, 7) Think highly of students, 8) Use original examples, 9) Arouse their curiosity on topic, 10) Set self direction goals. AOE
September 1, 2013
Keywords: Student Success;Motivation

Generation Dropout: Milliennials Less Educated than Retiring
As the only developed nation that the young adult population is less educated than the retiring boomers. Perhaps a look back at the education from 40 prior. Lauren Alix Brown
June 18, 2013
Keywords: Boomer; retiree; dropout

Literacy Today Is More Than It Used to Be
Mr Turkoski Sites a survey indicating that 77% of employers rank critical thinking and problem solving as most important. ACT (Alabama Community Audit) WorkKeys is discussed and measurement criteria listed for occupation groups. AL Dept. of Ed. has adopted ACT exam and ACT WorkKeys Assessment for exit exam criteria. Steve Turkoski
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Keywords: Critical Thinking; College Preparedness;job readiness

Culture in Business
Culture will win over strategy if they are out of alignment. Changing culture can be done, but it is difficult.
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Keywords: Instructor Culture, campus culture

A Few Words by Way of Conclusion
This articles includes several ways to end a class. It emphasizes the fact that we like our students to conclude a paper and put forward further ideas. Some ways to conclude class are: writing prompts, conclusion writing from readings, quiz. David Gooblar
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Keywords: Critical thinking

The Thirty Million Word Gap
Social stimulation from birth to three is given from primary caregiver. The number of words a child hears in an hour in double fro higher income families than others. This interaction accounts for up to 98 percent of vocabulary. These differences carry through school. Betty Hart and Todd Risley
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Keywords: student success; early childhood

Classroom Failure is More Instructive than Success
Grit is the character trait that has more to do with success than IQ or socioeconomic status. How to practice,fail,organize, and go again Anne Sobel
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Keywords: Grit;refine work;experiment

10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day
Team Leaders make a huge difference in lives by the things they say and the way said. This article lists ten and their effects. Jeff Haden
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Keywords: Leadership;praise;respect

Find the Flaws in Your Drafts
Adapted from "10 Steps for Editing Your Own Writing," Mark Nichol to small habits to help perfect writing. Jaimy Ford, Mark Nochol
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Keywords: grammar;writing

SAMC Lean Proiects Save Time For Nurses
A local hospital (SAMC) served by WCC nurses increases efficiency and quality while reducing costs and promoting a healthy organization. SAMC has built its own Lean department.
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Keywords: Nurse;efficiency;improvement;organization

Habits of Mind: Lessons for the Long Term
An emphasis on underlying traits that are proven success traits. Employers desire to hire those who exemplify the following: curiosity, open-mindedness, and intellectual courage, thoroughness, and humility. These should be encouraged in the classroom for success. Dan Berritt
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Keywords: critical thinking;soft-skills;soft skills;life skills;job skills