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ACS Overview With Links - Email
When Community College beats getting Bachelor's(early career), The End of Community Colleges, Online Recruiting of Adjuncts(NJ), Bureau of Labor Statistics on Gender Gap(women lead in education) Commentary
March 13, 2013
Keywords: gender gap

Community College Graduates Out-earn Bachelor's Degree Holders
Mr. Marcus indicates that 30% of Community college graduates make more than their community college counter parts and at career beginning, the average is 1300-2500 more than the 4 year institution's average salary. The article states the careers that require 2 year degrees and starting salaries. It does not compare matching degrees. Jon Marcus
February 26, 2013
Keywords: Community College earnings

Articles Written by an Engineering Professor-Learn Your Students' Names - Email
Tips for learning students' names include arriving early to take time to sit and talk, using name cards or chart, personalize comments and invite students in to discuss progress. Richard Felder
March 23, 2012
Keywords: motivation;student support

November 26 Article Summary
The following articles are summarized: 1) Older Americans alter attitude on work,retirement, 2)WCC Instructor Re-Elected as Board Chair, 3) 3D Exec: Dothan right choice for facility, 4) Minorities More Than Whites Embrace the Value of College, Survey Finds, 5) The STEM Crisis: Reality or Myth?, 6)State Representatives and ACCS Chancellor Visit Wallace Community College - Dothan, 7) Wallace Community College Holds GED Graduation, 8) Wallace Community College Holds First Annual Science Decathlon, 9) Four reasons to choose community college, 10 Net Zero, and 11) College-Completion Rates Remain at Last Year's Pace Commentary-Dean Holland
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