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The Three Hats of a Leader
Lisa Prior
October 1, 2016
Keywords: Instructor growth

The Three Hats of Leader
Leaders of today are expected to lead (inspire) as well as produce (do) and manage(think and direct). They are expected to be versatile and balanced in there approach. Lisa Prior
October 1, 2016
Keywords: Instructor Growth

5 Startup Lessons I Learned in the Military
Mr. Coney translates his Army security career into personal corporate success. He discusses cross- training in skills, valuing resourcefulness, innovation, and teamwork, allowing a team to do their work, and trusting your leadership instincts. Mike Coney
June 30, 2013
Keywords: Perseverance; discipline; teamwork; vigilance

What is Your Leadership Style? 3 Fundamental Ideas
Mr. Hillary discusses the mindset of leadership as it relates to teaching 100 plus students each term. Leaders are the people that are situation managers. The mindset involves impact and responsibility; it is the person that is draws people in times of crisis. There are 3 fundamentals: 1) be aware of your impact, 2) take responsibility, and 3) provide two way communications. Author Hillary
April 1, 2013
Keywords: leadership; motivation; maximizing learning

Best Advice: Down but Not Out
Pat Riley advises Mr. Gruber on managing losses to provide leadership to a team. He exhorts that leaders inspire and losing is part of the process of learning to win. Peter Gruber
March 6, 2013
Keywords: leadership; motivation; work; failure

10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day
Team Leaders make a huge difference in lives by the things they say and the way said. This article lists ten and their effects. Jeff Haden
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Keywords: Leadership;praise;respect

SAMC Lean Proiects Save Time For Nurses
A local hospital (SAMC) served by WCC nurses increases efficiency and quality while reducing costs and promoting a healthy organization. SAMC has built its own Lean department.
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Keywords: Nurse;efficiency;improvement;organization