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White House poster child for beating the odds, then dropped out of college.
Much of the success is college is dictated by how much support a student receives. Many students may receive this support at home and through their social circles, while many have neither of these sources to draw from. This puts an enormous responsibility on faculty to do that which others say is too difficult. Anthony Mendez
May 31, 2016
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A Faculty-Driven Approach To Closing Gaps
Mr. Holland discusses the methods used at Wallace Community College to close the student achievement gap.Purpose and methods of measure are addressed. Professional development is emphasized. Tony Holland
June 26, 2015
Keywords: student success;graduation

Using End-of-Term Feedback for Classroom Growth
The authors give 5 tips for collecting feedback from students. 1) Tailor the questionaire, 2) analyze student performance, 3) collect at 4 weeks as well, 4) have student representative, and 5) discuss results with a peer. Also, first impressions count and an early low stakes assessment will aid in identifying and teaching responsible behavior. Marilla Svincki and Wilbert McKeachie
December 31, 2012
Keywords: student feedback

Maintaining the Attitude of a Life-Long Learner - Email
Life-long learner recommendations for instructors include reading scholarly publications, hearing and discussing at conferences and workshops, as well as peer observation and method review. Marilla Svincki and Wilbert McKeachie
December 31, 2012
Keywords: staying current; peer observation; student feedback

Successful Classroom Techniques
Mr. Schaffhaiser discusses the difficulty in maintaining long term use of new strategies. Getting instructors to try something new is easy. He recommends spending more time motivating instructors to stay with the new strategy. Dan Schaffhauser
September 10, 2012
Keywords: instructor growth; student success;

Culture in Business
Culture will win over strategy if they are out of alignment. Changing culture can be done, but it is difficult.
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Keywords: Instructor Culture, campus culture

Small Teaching: Lessons for Faculty from the Science of Learning
Classroom learning is divided into four parts: 1. Before class begins: tickler to bring focus to class. 2. The opening minutes: Retrieval practice rather than review 3. Mid-Class Connections: have students connect course materials with students' prior knowledge or lives 4. The Final minutes: The minute paper: what is the most important learned, what question remains. James M. Lang
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Keywords: student success;classroom;strategies

The Learning Centered College
The suthor discusses the need to switch from a teaching paradigm to a learning paradigm: 1. use cross disciplinary co-ops 2. provide learning that is more than lecture 3. judge on aggregate learning growth William J. Flynn
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