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December 13, 2013
Keywords: Critical thinking;personal responsibility;

Why Do I Teach?
This article is an excellent portrayal of Mr. Gutting's long term purpose of teaching and joy in it. Mr. Gutting reveals that the longevity of rote memory has minimal value unless used in your profession. The ability to connect, think logically and creatively should be emphasized; this allows students to connect and apply later in life. This gives students an intellectual culture to carry them through life. Gary Gutting
June 12, 2013
Keywords: educational value; creative thinking; critical thinking

A Serious Disconnect in Education
Mr. Demicki iterates that high school graduates don't have the math and English necessary for freshman year at community college. Institutes at all levels should focus on these and take the time to delve deeper into subjects and cover less superficially. American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) study indicates instructors having to work around skill shortfalls with videos since students are unprepared. They suggest a grades P-20 academic alignment. Matthew Dembicki
May 7, 2013
Keywords: developmental; deep learning; critical thinking

Critical Thinking and Journal Articles - Email
Directions for activity to get students to delve into scholarly journal articles. It involves group reviewing one of 4 articles and then peer teaching to another group, each with different article and perspective Catherine Eloranto
January 3, 2013
Keywords: critical thinking; Instructor growth

Colleges and Employers Point Fingers Over Skill Gaps
Employers want adaptability and workers that can come up with critical pieces of data to resolve problems. Employers are evenly split as to whether Liberal Arts or Specific Preparation education. In the end, apprenticeships are advocated to go with a smart college graduate. Jeff Selingo
January 1, 2013
Keywords: critical thinking; employer desires

The Writing Revolution
Ms. Tyre discusses how writing can improve all aspects of learning. But, it must include teaching to write The major missing aspects included coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, for , nor, yet, so) and words like although, unless, if. She also indicated that kids need a formula to start learning to write. Peg Tyre
January 1, 2013
Keywords: curriculum; effective teaching

Can Students Learn to Learn - Email
Mr. Jaschik discusses ways to help students analyze the way they are learning. Small tid bits of pre and post test thinking to help students make strides in their learning and planning to learn. Scott Jaschik
January 31, 2011
Keywords: metacognition;reflections on learning;wrappers

Literacy Today Is More Than It Used to Be
Mr Turkoski Sites a survey indicating that 77% of employers rank critical thinking and problem solving as most important. ACT (Alabama Community Audit) WorkKeys is discussed and measurement criteria listed for occupation groups. AL Dept. of Ed. has adopted ACT exam and ACT WorkKeys Assessment for exit exam criteria. Steve Turkoski
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Keywords: Critical Thinking; College Preparedness;job readiness

Common Core
Article regarding the necessity of a common set of knowledge to provide disadvantaged students with the same background information as advantage. This background information is necessary for reading comprehension and analysis. Mark Bauerlein
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Keywords: student success;learning outcomes

Paradox Power
Contradiction can be used to integrate opposites to feed both sides. This occurs in education in 4 learner centered contradictions. Douglas Robertson
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